• Denture Centre Policies

  • Deposit

  • A DEPOSIT of $300 for a single denture; or $500 for a set of dentures is required at the time of the 1st set of impressions.

    A deposit is non-refundable if the patient chooses not to follow through with treatment to completion.

  • Final Payment Options

  • At the time you pick up your denture(s); you will have a couple of options:

    #1: You pay for your denture(s) up front, and your insurance will reimburse you directly.


    #2: lf a predetermination has been processed by your insurance, you are responsible for paying the difference at that time. HOWEVER, a predetermination is only an ESTIMATE. lf for any reason, your insurance doesn't pay exactly what they say on the predetermination; the difference is YOUR responsibility to pay. lf your account has not been cleared after 90 days; your account will be placed into collections, where an additional administration fee will be applied.

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